Lt Commander Kiore Gemstone


Basic Information:
Name: Kiore Gemstone
Full Title: Regales Principessa Kiore Adrianna Gemstone
Race: Draconis
Gender: Female
Height: 5f7’
Weight: 110lbs
Date Of Birth: 2355 3rd of Mia, (March)
Age: 26
Place of Birth: Draconis, Royal Palace
Interests: Sword fighting, reading books, Flying
Languages: Draconian, Standard, a little Romulan
Education: Educated on her home world until 16 2368-2372 : Draconis Military Academy: piloting, Engineering, hand to hand combat 2372-2373: Intensive Guard training
Military History:
2368-2372 : Draconis Military Academy: piloting, Engineering, hand to hand combat
2373-2374: Intensive Guard training
2375- 2377: Royal Guard
2378: Dismissed from the Royal Guard: dishonorable discharge
2378: Starfleet Exchange Officer Program (Accepted.)
2378-2380: Lieutenant jg, USS Carlyle
2380-2381: Lieutenant jg, USS Sydney D
2381-2382: Lieutenant, USS Hornet, Helm Officer
2383- Present: Lieutenant Commander USS Whitestar, Chief of Operations
Background: Kiore was born as Regales Principessa Kiore Adrianna Gemstone to the King and Queen of Draconis 26 years ago. She is the eldest child and is heir to the throne. She was the second born of twins though her brother died shortly after birth. Some say that he was assassinated by an enemy of the family though that has not been proven. By the time she was 12 she was being trained to take over the government by her parents. Then her life changed. Her parents had another child. Her sister. Regales Principessa L’ian Gemstone. This changed her life. The new hatchling took over her parents attention leaving the 12 year old Kiore lonely and looking for guidance. She found it in a young adult Draconis. He was of the Gemstone family and was a gold Draconis as well. His name was P’iarn. The 56 year old Draconis took her under his wing and they were often seen in the training yard as he insisted on teaching her not just politics, but self defense. The rumors of her brothers death were not unfounded when at 14 she was attacked while walking in the forest that surrounded the capital city. She, was guarded, but they were distracted by the main body of enemy Draconis leaving a sole Draconis to attack the Principessa. Her training paid off and she was able get away with minimal injuries. After that day her parents, began to take more interest in their elder daughter and saw that she was growing up to be a rather intelligent and lovely (For a Draconis) young lady. Though the two years had been rough on Kiore and she refused to have anything to do with her parents for about another year. She never however made any attempt to get to know her little sister, an act that would come back to haunt her years later. At 16, Kiore took her life into her own claws once more and this time with her friends help, ran away and joined the military under an assumed name. With permission from the Coldscale family she called herself Siera Coldscale From the Earth years of 2368-2372, she underwent training at Draconis Military academy. The military academy was tough on all cadets as they trained in both humanoid and draconian form. For Kiore it was the first time she had ever taken humanoid form and at first she found the process draining. Her mentor had never taught her to morph as he saw that as something her parents should have taught her as they themselves knew how to. She was the youngest ever Draconis to attend the academy, most waiting until they were in their forties before applying. At the academy she was trained in piloting, Engineering, hand to hand combat. The academy is much like Starfleet academy and they prepare their students in all aspects of the Draconis Military, be it, space flight, or ground forces.
Background Continued : Upon graduation she learnt that her sister had been declared heir to the throne as no one could find her. Saddened by , what she saw as, her parents lack of caring, Kiore joined the royal guard for a year of intensive training. She was assigned at the end of the year to guard her own sister. Luckily she had grown and changed so much in the 5 years since they had last seen her that Kiore’s parents did not recognize their hatchling, now a young Draconis of some skill. She served from 2375 'til 2377 without mishap and without anyone knowing who she was. The only person who knew was her mentor. In 2377 she was assigned to be a Member of first contact team with the USS Hathaway, a federation starship that had contacted their home world. Intrigued by the humans and everything they had to offer, which in comparison was not that much, though they did have extensive contacts with other races while the Draconis had only contact with a few of their neighbors, Kiore spent a lot of time on the Hathaway with her unit as her sister was herself intrigued. Spending time with both the federation and her sister had a telling affect on Kiore. She found herself beginning to care for the little 10 ½ year old Draconis who was fast making friends among the children on the Hathaway. So much so that after the Hathaway departed, She spent more time on her duties at the Palace. This of course caused her downfall the next year. In 2378, a year after the Hathaway’s departure, Draconis was applying for Federation membership somewhat haphazardly. When Captain Neo Hastings on the USS Gregory, asked a pointed question about the fact that there were now two missing heirs, one dead, and the other presumed so, he was wondering about the planet’s political stability. This line of questioning led to Kiore almost loosing her temper in public. When Neo retired to his chambers that had been provided on the planet’s surface, he found an armed Draconis in Humanoid form waiting for him. Kiore, for it was she, informed him that she took such insults to the family of Gemstone personally and she demanded retribution. Captain Hastings of course declined to acquiesce to her request. And ordered her out of his chambers. She left, grudgingly. The event intrigued Neo, enough to have his people investigate the young Draconis, known to them as Guard Coldscale. Through discrete inquires and the link they discovered that before the year 2367, there was no mention of the young Draconis. She had appeared out of thin air. It had been around that time that the young Principessa had vanished from recorded history and her family’s sight. Neo feeling prepared to do verbal battle with a young Draconis, sought her out, only to find her in full Draconis form, sleeping in her chamber. Startled yet keeping his composure, Neo stove to wake the Draconis from her slumber. He was in short successful but it earned him a cut across his left arm from her tail as she tried to sweep away the annoyance.
Background Continued: Once she was awake and he had been tended to, he explained to her and to the people he had summoned to hear his words, what he had learned. Unfortunately for Kiore, among the people present, were her parents, sister, commanding officer and chief of the royal guard. Neo spoke calmly about his discovery. He told them that Siera was in actual fact Kiore. This shocked her parents who studied the young woman before them. She morphed, when ordered to, into her full Draconis form, which unfortunately for her was telling as any genetic test. The Gemstone’s have a definite tail marking that is seen on all genetic members of the royal family. It is a star like mark just below the tips spurs. Kiore’s stood out like a sore thumb. Why it had not when she had first applied was discovered when she told them she had used paint to cover it up. In the hours that followed Kiore was arrested for entering the military under a false name and deceiving her commanding officer. Needless to say Neo was not well liked by the Royal family for this. She was released and dismissed from the royal guard with a dishonorable discharge. Kiore was returned to the palace under guard and her parents promptly re-instated her rank as heir to the throne. The hardest test was to come. Facing the sister she had guarded. Needless to say it did not go well. L’ian was confused and angry at Kiore/Siera for her deception and refused to have anything to do with her sister. Kiore made no more efforts to talk to her sister after this. Shortly after all this, Kiore learnt of the Starfleet Officer Exchange program. She applied without her parents knowledge. Why she did this is a matter of public knowledge. Her parents were arranging her marriage to a member of the Jewelescale family. Now most Draconis mate and wed for love. They believe in soul mates. But it seemed that Kiore’s behavior had in her parents eyes, did not earn her to chance to find her own mate. In late 2378 Kiore was accepted into the Starfleet officer exchange program. She was selected by a panel of Starfleet officers, she applied under a the name of Kiore Gemstone. She did not change her name for this application and in it she told the truth. Who she was, what she had done and what training she had received. Unfortunately for Captain Neo Hastings, he had the dubious honor of informing the Royal Family of the person selected. He approached the meeting with trepidation and planned his words carefully. He presented himself in full dress uniform in the throne room of Draconis’ royal palace, which was a large ornate hall capable of holding up to thirty fully grown Draconis in full natural form. He bowed before the two large platform thrones and made his announcement. Needless to say, he landed Kiore in MORE trouble. So much so that her father almost fried her then and there on the spot. Only her skill at dodging saved her from being burnt to death, rather then the 3rd degree burns she received to 85% of her Draconis form. While she was rushed off to medical, Neo argued for her to join the program. He stated all her military achievements in the line of duty for her people. Had she not, he argued, defended her own sister with minimal damage to herself from many attacks on her sisters life? Had she not shown that she could fly every type of craft in the Draconis Star Navy without mishap? Had she not been a decorated officer before her discovery? She had after all risen to the rank of Unit Commander and was ear marked for promotion to Captain of the Royal guard. She was in short, the best Draconis for the job. But by the time, 5 days later, Kiore had been released from the Palace’s medical facility, the Gregory and Hastings had already left. Taking with them the news that she had turned down the position. Galvanized by her father’s words and actions, Kiore took matters once again into her own claws. In the middle of the night, she snuck out of the palace and headed for the Coldscale manor on the far side of the capital city. She arrived to find her mentor, P’iarn, a Draconis whom she had always admired and secretly loved, in bed with another Draconis. This one male. Needless to say, in order to keep her quiet, P’iarn gave her his personal starship to take her to the federation. She left that very night, taking only a few personal items, a broken heart and an iron will to do the right thing while part of the exchange program. When Kiore arrived at Earth two days later, she found that she had beaten the Gregory back to Earth. Well after all at warp 16 vs. warp 9.. it was no contest. She presented herself in Humanoid form to the head of Starfleet academy. Unfortunately for her, Draconis Humanoid fashion was not.. acceptable on Earth. Draconis when in Humanoid form, dress scantily in clothing that offers freedom of movement and shows basically a lot of skin. On Earth, when she arrived it was the dead of winter. She was definitely not dressed correctly. Tempted though she was to morph into full Draconis form, she knew that she would not fit into the building and would cause panic through out the area. So, dressed in her Royal Guard Battle uniform of black leather and her hair held back from her face by her royal headband with an emerald in the centre she walked brazenly into the Admissions office and asked to see the Academy director. Shocked though he was by the sight of a scantily dressed young, well he though human, woman, he allowed her to enter his office. He was even more surprised when she told him who she was and why she was there. He heard her out and then assigned her quarters. Unfortunately these quarters were for a normal sized humanoid, so she was forced to remain in humanoid form for longer then the 12 hours normally spent by Draconis. Now the 12 hours are a guideline so no Draconis feels trapped in that form. The next day, Kiore awoke to find herself still in Humanoid form. And not feeling any ill effects from it. Happy with this she got up washed like a normal Humanoid and felt better. She then went outside and looked around the academy grounds. Here she found a myriad of races. Humans, Betazoids, Vulcans, Breen, Bolians, Klingons, Gorn even. And they all stared at her. She was still dressed scantily. This time in a white leather low cut top and short skirt. And she was.. barefoot! In freezing winter. Aware that people were staring Kiore pretended not to notice, while taking in some of the fashions the females of the academy were wearing. She was not, as she saw, the height of fashion here. So, she returned to her borrowed ship and took out her stash of coin. Draconis Currency is not doing very well against the Starfleet credit if you wanted to buy them, but selling them or exchanging them for credits was a different matter. Basically if you had say one hundred Daces then you would have 300 credits. Basically triple what you had to begin with. Pleased with this she contacted a bank and deposited her money in a new account. Under the name of Kiore Gemstone. Thus armed with her credit chip, her extra Daces in a secure case and the rest of her draconian belongings she returned to the academy. She locked everything in her quarters and headed out to find a clothing shop. She bought clothing in the current style and even though she found them restrictive and very tight, she wore them anyway. She returned to the Academy and her quarters to rest, but knew that it would have to be resting in human form not Draconian. Two days later she was transferred to the USS Carlyle as a security officer. She was given the worse jobs by her Commanding officer and was eventually transferred to the USS Sydney D as a Secuirty officer. Again, she was given the worse jobs to do and she was then sent to the USS Hornet as a helm officer, a vast improvement from her last job. Given the rank of Lieutenant she was looking forward to the new challenges her job would entail. For two years she worked there and then go transferred to the USS Whitestar as their chief of Operations. Once there she was promoted to full Lt. Commander
Personality Profile: One word: Draconis. She is a Draconis. And you should beware of making her mad. She is not quick to temper like most of her kin and she is ridged in her loyalty and never wavers from her duties. She is strange in that she wishes to remain in her humanoid form for as long as possible to explore the reaches of its potential. She does have a quirky sense of humor that has developed since she has been in starfleet, though most attempts at humor towards her are still met with a puzzled look.
Physical Profile:
Humanoid Profile:
Eyes/Hair/: Brown, Brown
Height: 5f7
Weight: 130lbs
Complexion: looks like a slight tan though almost gold like.
Height/Length: 43 feet (length ) 6 feet (height) Weight: 360lbs in full draconian form.
Family Information:
Father: Regales Majestic H’Iran Gemstone
Mother: Regales Majestic T’ilia Gemstone
Brother: Regales Prince K’iran Gemstone (deceased)
Sister: Regales Principessa L’ian Gemstone
Special Notes:
Likes: Meat, cooked preferably. Reading books on federation planets and their histories. Favorite color is purple.
Dislikes: Dishonorable beings, people who pick on those weaker then themselves and hypocrites.
Sexual Preference: Males
Quote: “Warning. Do not think they are normal dragons. They are not mean hearted, though they do eat meat. Draconis are not the definition of the old dragon stories of earth. They are cultured though they take offence like a Klingon. They have their own code of honor a lot like of the code of the Knights of old. Insult one at your own risk.”
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